Phish SBD'S List Version 13 - Posted 5/15/03

The following is a list of known soundboard recordings of Phish that are
in circulation. It is by no means a definitive list. It is a working
document only. However, if a show is on the list, you can be sure this
tape exists in some SBD form. Also, since digital soundboards (DSBD)
should be preferable to soundboard tapes, versions with analog
generations will not be listed if DSBD's exist. Other then situations
such as this, no distinctions are meant to be made as to what is a good,
better, or best source for any particular show.

DN = Digital Noise   DO = Dropouts
Cuts in tapes are not exact for now. They may be before, after, or during a
song. However, in most cases where a "/" denotes a cut, the marking before
a song name indicates the beginning of the song is missing, in the middle
(Ie. "Go/lgi") means the middle of the song in question is cut or 
and after signifies the end of the song is cut.

If you have corrections, additions, or comments on this list please
e-mail Phil Nazzaro at Please remember, I am not
interested in rumours, tapes that are not for trade, typos in the list,
or anything you are not *absolutely* sure about (ie. I think there are 2
cassette gens in this tape because it has about that much hiss). i am
only interested hard facts (ie. so and so taped this show, and was
provided a SBD patch). When submitting info please include the date(s)
you   will be refering to in the subject header. In the body, include
dates, venue/city/state info, and try to keep the genealogy at least
close to  the standard the list uses.  Constructive criticism is always

*** Lastly, remember if you do submit information your identity will
_always_ remain secret with me. People are given credit in a mass
thank you at the end of the document. Specific shows will not be matched to
names. Or, if yoiu prefer, ask me to leave your name off the end credits
altogether. DO NOT write me asking where you can get such and such tape.

Early On:

??/??/??  Space Antelope       4 Track>Cass2>DAT
??/??/??  Bivouac Jaun         4 Track>Cass2>DAT
??/??/??  Demo Tape            SBD>Cass?>DAT   (Junta Outtakes?)
            Fee, Bowie, Fluff, Golgi, Wilson, Lizards, Curtain, Sloth,
            Contact, I Didn't Know
11/03/84  Slade Hall, UVM      SBD>Cass1>DAT   Distorted
12/01/84  Nectar's             SBD>Cass1>DAT
03/04/85  Hunt's               SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/03/85  U. of Vermont        SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/19/85  Finbar's             SBD>Cass?>DAT   (45 Min)
05/??/85  UVM Last Day Party   SBD>Cass1>DAT   (90 Min)
10/17/85  Finbar's, Vt.        SBD>Cass?>DAT   (45 Min)
10/30/85  Hunt's               SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/23/85  Plainfield, VT       SBD>Cass2>DAT
04/15/86  UVM Earth Day        SBD>Cass?>DAT   (90 Min)
05/04/86  Burlington           SBD>Cass?>DAT   (40 Min)
10/15/86  Hunt's               SBD>Cass0>DAT
10/31/86  Plainfield, VT       SBD>Cass?>Hi-Fi VHS>DAT Set I


03/06/87  Plainfield, VT       SBD>Cass0>DAT
03/23/87  Nectar's             SBD>Cass?>DAT   (90 Min)
04/29/87  Nectar's             SBD>Cass0>DAT
08/10/87  Nectar's             SBD>Cass1>DAT   (All)
08/29/87  Mead Ranch           SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/19/87  Burlington, VT       SBD>Cass1>DAT   I,II,III Through La Grange
??/??/87  Demo Tape            SBD>Cass?>DAT   (45 Min)
           Golgi Apparatus, Fee, David Bowie, Fluffhead, I Know a Little,
Sneakin' Sally


01/27/88  Waitsfield, VT       SBD>Cass0>DAT
02/26/88  Burlington, VT       SBD>Cass2
03/12/88  Nectars              SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/15/88  Hinesburg, VT        SBD>Cass?>DAT
                               SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set I Middle of Possum to end
05/23/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass2>DAT
05/25/88  Burlington, VT       SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/15/88  Front                SBD>Cass0>DAT
06/18/88  Front                SBD>cass0>DAT
06/20/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass4>DAT
06/21/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass0>DAT
07/11/88  Sam's Tavern, VT     SBD>Cass?>DAT  Cut in Curtain
07/12/88  Sam's Tavern, VT     SBD>Cass2>DAT
07/24/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass?>DAT
07/25/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass2>DAT
07/30/88  Telluride, CO        SBD>Cass3>DAT  Set III
08/03/88  Telluride, CO        SBD>Cass1>DAT  Mike's/H2, Walk Away/
08/06/88  Telluride, CO        SBD>Cass0>DAT
08/13/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass?>DAT
08/16/88  Nectar's             SBD>Cass?>DAT
08/27/88  State College, PA    SBD>???>DAT
08/29/88  Private Party        SBD>Cass0>DAT
09/06/88  Burlington, Vt.      SBD>Cass?>DAT
09/08/88  Front                SBD>Cass0-DolbyC>DAT  /Peaches
09/24/88  Amherst, MA          SBD>Cass0>DAT  Noisy, Golgi cut
10/29/88  Goddard              SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
10/31/88  Clinton, NY          SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/03/88  Boston, MA           SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/05/88  Clinton, NY          SBD>Cass0>DAT
11/11/88  Newmarket, NH        SBD>???>DAT    Set I


01/26/89  Boston, MA           SBD>Cass1>DAT  I didn't Know, GTBTimes
02/06/89  Front                SBD>Cass1>DAT  Cut after Lizards
02/07/89  Front                SBD>?>DAT
02/24/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
03/17/89  Bear Trap Rd., VT    SBD>Cass1>DAT
03/30/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
04/14/89  Johnson, Vt.         SBD>Cass1>DAT
04/20/89  Amherst, MA          SBD>?>DAT      Harpua Cut
05/06/89  Dartmouth College    SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/09/89  Front                SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/13/89  Syracuse, NY         SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/27/89  West Hartford, CT    SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/28/89  Hebron, NY           SBD>Cass0>DAT
06/30/89  Northhampton, MA     SBD>Cass?>DAT
08/17/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
08/19/89  Hanover, NH          SBD>Cass2>DAT  /Mike's /Fluffhead
08/26/89  Townshend, VT        LivePhish09
09/09/89  Bennington, VT       SBD>Cass1>DAT
09/21/89  Northhampton, MA     ???>Cass0>DAT
10/01/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
10/07/89  Lewiston, ME         SBD>Cass1>DAT
10/20/89  Front                SBD>Cass0>DAT
10/21/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
10/22/89  Front                SBD>Cass?>DAT
10/26/89  New York, NY         SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/03/89  Portland, ME         SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set I
			       SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II Partial
11/09/89  Williamstown, MA     SBD>Cass?>DAT
11/10/89  Hamilton College     SBD>Cass?>DAT  Suzy and Fee Cut
11/30/89  Paradise, Boston, MA SBD>Cass0>DAT
12/01/89  Paradise, Boston, MA SBD>Cass0>DAT
12/07/89  Baltimore, MD        SBD>Cass1>DAT
12/08/89  Green Mtn. College   SBD>Cass1>DAT
12/09/89  Bomeseen, VT         SBD>Cass?>DAT
12/15/89  New York, NY         SBD>?>DAT
12/31/89  Boston, MA           SBD>Cass"2 or 3?">DAT


01/20/90  Hanover, NH           DSBD
01/28/90  Burlington, VT        SBD>Cass1>DAT
02/09/90  Lancaster, PA         SBD>Cass0>DAT
02/10/90  Ardmore, PA           L/DSBD R/Sennheiser ME80
02/15/90  Providence, RI        DSBD           Incomplete?
02/16/90  Boston, MA            SBD>Cass0>DAT
02/23/90  Haverford College     SBD>Cass0>DAT
02/24/90  Washington, DC        SBD>Cass1>DAT
03/01/90  New Haven, CT         SBD>Cass?>DAT
03/07/90  UNH, Durham           SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I,II(Part) Lizards Cut
03/08/90  Aiko's                SBD>Cass0>PCM>DAT
03/09/90  Burlington, VT        SBD>Cass1>DAT
03/11/90  Burlington, VT        SBD>?>DAT
03/17/90  23 East Cabaret, PA   SBD/Matrix>Cass0>DAT
03/28/90  Granville, OH         SBD>Cass1>DAT
04/05/90  Boulder, CO           SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/06/90  Crested Butte, CO     SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
04/18/90  Denver, CO            SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/22/90  Colorado College      DSBD
05/13/90  Front                 SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/23/90  Library, Richmond, VA SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/24/90  Raliegh, NC           SBD>Cass0>DAT
05/31/90  Athens, GA            Matrix>8mmPCM>DAT  (90 Min)
06/05/90  Chapel Hill, NC       SBD>Cass?>DAT  DO's Set I
06/09/90  New York, NY          SBD>Cass1>DAT
06/16/90  Townshend, VT         DSBD           Set II
**** Last Band Allowed Soundboard Patch ****
06/17/90  Wendell Studios, MA   SBD>Cass1>DAT  145 min.
09/13/90  New York, NY          DSBD
09/29/90  Ardmore, PA           SBD>Cass?>DAT  "Hissy/Bassy"
10/04/90  UNH Fieldhouse        SBD>Cass?>DAT
10/06/90  Portchester, NY       DSBD
10/08/90  Washington, DC        SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I
10/30/90  Crested Butte, CO     SBD>Multitrack Reel>DAT
10/31/90  Colorado Springs, CO
11/02/90  Boulder, CO           SBD>Multitrack Reel>DAT
11/03/90  Boulder, CO           SBD>Multitrack Reel>DAT
11/04/90  Fort Collins, CO      SBD>Multitrack Reel>DAT
11/08/90  Madison, WI           SBD>Cass1>DAT  SNDCK + Set I
11/17/90  Sommerville, MA       SBD>?>DAT      No Encore
11/24/90  Portchester, NY       DSBD
11/26/90  Ithaca, NY            DSBD
12/21/90  Providence, RI        DSBD
12/28/90  New York, NY          DSBD


02/15/91  Keene, NH             SBD>Cass1>DAT
02/21/91  Charlotsville, VA     SBD>Cass0>VHS Hi-Fi>DAT
03/13/91  Boulder, CO           DSBD
03/15/91  Denver, CO            DSBD
03/16/91  Ten Mile Room         DSBD
03/17/91  Wheeler Opera House   SBD>cass0>DAT
03/22/91  Steamboat Springs, CO DSBD
03/23/91  Steamboat Springs, CO DSBD
04/04/91  Eugene, OR            SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/05/91  Portland, OR          SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/06/91  Olympia, WA           SBD>Cass0>DAT Set I Missing Ya Mar, SOAM, Jim
04/11/91  Northfield, MN        DSBD
04/12/91  Barrymore Theater     SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/16/91  Ricks Cafe, MI        SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/20/91  Rochester, NY         SBD>Cass3>DAT
04/27/91  Portchester, NY       DSBD
05/03/91  Somerville, MA        DSBD
05/04/91  Somerville, MA        SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/10/91  Colby College         SBD>Cass?>DAT
07/11/91  Burlington, VT        DSBD
07/12/91  Keene, NH             LivePhish19
07/14/91  Townshend, VT         DSBD
07/15/91  New York, NY          DSBD           Alumni Blues Cut
07/21/91  Parksville, NY        DSBD
07/23/91  Washington, DC        DSBD
07/24/91  Charlotsville, VA     DSBD
07/25/91  Chapel Hill, NC       SBD>Cass0>DAT
08/03/91  Amy's Farm, ME        DSBD           Sets I,II Set III FOB Schoeps
10/04/91  Madison, WI           SBD>Cass2>DAT
10/06/91  St. Paul, MN          SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I
                                SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
10/10/91  Eugene, OR            SBD>Cass1>DAT
10/11/91  Seattle, WA           SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I
10/12/91  Portland, OR          SBD>Cass1>DAT
10/13/91  Olympia, WA           DSBD>NakCR7a>DAT
10/18/91  San Francisco, CA     SBD>Cass2>DAT
10/19/91  Santa Cruz, CA        DSBD>NakCR7a>DAT
10/28/91  Telluride, CO         SBD>Cass2>DAT
11/01/91  Denver, CO            DSBD
11/14/91  Carrboro, NC          DSBD
11/21/91  Sommerville, MA       DSBD           Set I
11/30/91  Porchester, NY        DSBD
12/06/91  Middlebury, VT        SBD>???>DAT
12/07/91  Portsmouth, NH        SBD>Cass4>DAT
12/31/91  Worchester, MA        DSBD           Set I is SBD>NakCR7a>DAT


03/07/92  Portsmouth, NH        SBD>Cass2>DAT  Set I
03/12/92  Burlington, VT        SBD>Cass0>DAT  /Jim, Rift Spliced
03/13/92  Providence, RI        DSBD
03/14/92  New York, NY          DSBD           Set I
                                SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
03/19/92  New Haven, CT         SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
03/20/92  Binghampton, NY       SBD>?>DAT
03/21/92  Chestnut Cabaret      DSBD           Set I All, Set II Part
03/22/92  Charleston, WV        FM>Cass?>DAT   Four Songs
03/25/92  Trax, VA              DSBD           Set II
04/05/92  Boulder, CO           DSBD
04/06/92  Gunnison, CO          SBD>Cass?>DAT
04/07/92  Durango, CO           SBD>Cass3>DAT
04/12/92  Tuscon, AZ            SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I
04/13/92  Tempe, AZ             SBD>Cass2>DAT
04/15/92  Los Angeles, CA       SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/16/92  Santa Barbara, CA     DSBD>NakCR7a>DAT
04/17/92  San Fransisco, CA     DSBD>NakCR7a>DAT
04/18/92  Stanford, CA          DSBD>NakCR7a>DAT
04/19/92  Santa Cruz, CA        SBD>?>DAT
04/21/92  Eureka, CA            DSBD>Cass0>DAT /Maze
                                SBD>Cass1>DAT  Encore/ DN Tela
04/22/92  Eugene, OR            SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/24/92  Portland, OR          SBD>?????>DAT
04/25/92  Olympia, WA           SBD>Cass3>DAT
04/29/92  Minneapolis, MN       SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set II
04/30/92  Madison, WI           SBD>Cass3>DAT
05/01/92  Milwaukee, WI         SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set I
05/03/92  East Lansing, MI      SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/04/92  Capitol Theater       SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
05/06/92  St. Andrew's Hall     DSBD(?)        Set I
05/09/92  Syracuse Armory       DSBD
05/12/92  Canton, NY            SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
05/14/92  Portchester, NY       SBD>Cass?>DAT
05/16/92  Boston, MA            SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/19/92  Hamburg, Germany      SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/20/92  Nordheim, Germany     SBD>Cass1>DAT
06/23/92  Dusseldorf, Germany   SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/24/92  Nuremburg, Germany    SBD>Cass1>DAT
**** No Taping Allowed on HORDE Tour (7/9-12) ****
07/11/92  Holmdel, NJ           DSBD
07/12/92  Wantaugh, LI, NY      SBD>Cass?>DAT  32k?
07/15/92  Trax, VA              SBD>Cass0>DAT
**** No Taping Allowed on Santana Tour ****
07/14/92  Norfolk, VA           SBD>Cass2>DAT
07/21/92  Mansfield, MA         DSBD
07/24/92  Jones Beach, NY       DSBD
07/25/92  Stowe Mtn., VT        DSBD
08/13/92  Los Angeles, CA       DSBD
08/14/92  Los Angeles, CA       DSBD
08/15/92  Los Angeles, CA       DSBD
08/17/92  Coach House, CA       SBD>Cass1>DAT  Phish only show. No Santana.
08/29/92  Mountain View, CA     DSBD
**** No Taping Allowed on Santana Tour ****
11/19/92  Colchester, VT        SBD>Cass1>DAT
11/20/92  Albany, NY            SBD>Cass1>DAT
11/22/92  Columbia, MO          LivePhish17 Bitch>Jerusalem
11/25/92  Glenside, PA          SBD>Cass2>DAT
11/28/92  Port Chester, NY      SBD>Cass2>DAT  Set II
12/02/92  Chicago, IL           SBD>Cass0>DAT  (may be 12/5 or 12/6)
12/03/92  Cinncinatti, OH       SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set I
12/05/92  Chicago, IL           SBD>Cass0>DAT
12/12/92  Toronto, Can.         SBD>Cass0>DAT DN
12/31/92  Boston, MA            PRE-FM Mix>DAT


02/04/93  Providence, RI        SBD>Cass3 Sta/sh Uncle/Penn
02/11/93  Bloomsburg, PA        SBD>Cass3 Fluff/head, Boun/cin
02/19/93  Atlanta, GA           SBD>Cass?>DAT  DN Loving Cup Level Flux
02/20/93  Atlanta, GA           DSBD
                                SBD> (Panasonic SV-3700)>Cass0 (NAD 6300
                                on MX-S w/Dolby C>DAT (NAD 6300>Panasonic
                                SV-3700) <----Most copies
02/21/93  Atlanta, GA           DSBD           Set II
02/27/93  Gainseville, FL       SBD>DAT>Cass1>SBM>DAT
03/13/93  Newark, DE            SBD>Cass?>DAT
03/14/93  Gunnison, CO          SBD>Cass?>DAT  I,II+ Soundcheck
03/21/93  Ventura, CA           DSBD           Set II
03/22/93  Sacramento, CA        SBD>Cass0>DAT  I,II+ Soundcheck
                                               Cuts Groove/Encore CMC5MK4
03/28/93  Arcata, CA            DSBD           I,II+ Soundcheck
04/09/93  Minneapolis, MN       SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/10/93  Chicago, IL           SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/12/93  Iowa City, IA         DSBD
04/17/93  Ann Arbor, MI         DSBD           I,II+ Soundcheck
04/18/93  Ann Arbor, MI         SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/21/93  Columbus, OH          DSBD           Set II
04/23/93  Hamilton, NY          SBD>Cass1>DAT
04/29/93  Montreal, CAN         SBD>Cass1>DAT  Soundcheck, Sets I,II
05/01/93  Upper Darby, PA       SBD>Cass3 Sam/ple, Mik/e's
05/03/93  New Brunswick, NJ     SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set II
05/05/93  Albany, NY            DSBD           I,II+ Soundcheck
05/06/93  Albany, NY            DSBD           I,II+ Soundcheck
05/07/93  Bangor Aud, ME        SBD>Cass1>DAT
05/08/93  UNH Fieldhouse        SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II No Encore
                                SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
05/30/93  Monterey, CA          SBD>Cass0>DAT
07/16/93  Philadelphia, PA      SBD>Cass0>DAT
07/22/93  Stowe, VT             SBD>Cass1>DAT
07/25/93  Stanhope, NJ          SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set I
                                DSBD           Set II
07/31/93  Atlanta, GA           DSBD
08/06/93  Cinncinati, OH        SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set II
08/11/93  Grand Rapids, MI      LivePhish07 Mike's>Groove
08/13/93  Murat Theater         SBD>Cass0>DAT
08/14/93  Tinley Park, IL       LivePhish07
08/20/93  Red Rocks, CO         DSBD>Cass0>DAT
08/24/93  Vancouver, BC, CAN    SBD>Cass0>DAT
08/28/93  Berkeley, CA          SBD>Cass1>DAT  Hissy - "Sounds like crap"
12/30/93  Cumberland, ME        SBD>DAT>Cass0>DAT
12/31/93  Worcestor, MA         SBD/Matrix>FM>DAT


04/04/94  Burlington, VT        DSBD
04/05/94  Montreal, Quebec, CAN SBD>?>DAT      Soundcheck
04/08/94  U. Park, PA           SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set I
04/09/94  Binghampton, NY       SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/17/94  Fairfax, VA           SBD>?>DAT     Hearing impaired SBD console
04/23/94  Atlanta, GA           SBD>?
04/24/94  Charlotte, NC         SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set I
04/25/94  Knoxville, TN         SBD>Cass0>DAT
04/30/94  Orlando, FL           SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
05/02/94  Birmingham, AL        SBD>?>DAT      Set II /Jim
05/03/94  Antioch, TN           SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
05/07/94  Bomb Factory          LivePhish18
05/14/94  San Diego, CA         SBD>Cass?>DAT  Set II
05/22/94  Los Angeles, CA       SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
05/27/94  San Fransisco, CA     SBD>?>DAT      No Acoustic Songs
05/28/94  Monterey, CA          DSBD           Missing last 3 songs
05/29/94  Monterey, CA          SBD>?>DAT      No Harry/GTBT
06/11/94  Red Rocks, CO         SBD>FM>DAT
06/14/94  Des Moines, IA        SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/16/94  Minneapolis, MN       DSBD(Debatable)Suzy cut/no Ginseng/Grace
06/17/94  Milwaukee, WI         SBD>Cass0>DAT
                                SBD>Cass?>DAT  Compressed (from earphones?)
06/18/94  Chicago, IL           SBD>Cass1>DAT  Cut in It's Ice
                                SBD>Cass1>DAT  Tweezer/
06/19/94  Kalamazoo, MI         SBD>Cass?>DAT
06/22/94  Columbus, OH          LivePhish10
06/23/94  Pontiac, MI           SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II Tweezer Cut
06/24/94  Indianapolis, IN      LivePhish10 Demand>Antelope
06/26/94  Charleston, WV        SBD>Cass?>DAT
07/05/94  Ottowa, Canada        DSBD           Rift only
07/08/94  Mansfield, MA         DSBD           Set II
07/13/94  Patterson, NY         DSBD           Muddy & Hissy
07/16/94  North Fayston, VT     LivePhish02
10/14/94  New Orleans, LA       SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set I
10/15/94  Pelham, AL            SBD>Cass1>DAT  Set II
10/18/94  Nashville, TN         SBD>Cass0>DAT
10/29/94  Spartenburg, SC       SBD>Cass0>DAT
10/31/94  Glens Falls, NY       LivePhish13
11/02/94  Bangor, ME            SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set II
11/04/94  Syracuse, NY          SBD>Cass1>DAT
11/12/94  Kent, OH              SBD>Cass0>DAT  Part
11/13/94  Warner Theater        DSBD           Suzy/
12/02/94  Davis, CA             SBD>Cass0>DAT  Lizards +  Set II
12/03/94  San Jose, CA          DSBD>Cass0>DAT No Encore
12/08/94  San Diego, CA         DSBD           Noise, No Makisupa Maze/
12/28/94  Philadelphia, PA      SBD>?>DAT      Set II
12/29/94  Providence, RI        LivePhish20
12/30/94  New York, NY          SBD/Matrix>Cass0>DAT
                                SBD>Cass0>DAT  Set I


06/23/95  Stanhope, NJ          SBD>?>DAT
06/25/95  Philadelphia, PA      SBD>Cass1>DAT  /Yamar
07/01/95  Great Woods, MA       SBD/Matrix>FM>DAT
07/02/95  Fayston, VT           SBD>?>DAT
09/27/95  Cal Expo, CA          SBD>?>DAT
09/30/95  Mountain View, CA     SBD>?>DAT
10/07/95  Spokane, WA           SBD>?>DAT
10/31/95  Chicago, IL           LivePhish14
12/14/95  Binghamton, NY        LivePhish01
12/28/95  Worchester, MA        SBD>?>DAT


06/06/96  Woodstock, NY         DSBD           Level Flux 1rst 20 Min.
07/11/96  Shepard's Bush, ENG   DSBD           Bad cuts and DO's
08/12/96  Noblesville, IN       LivePhish12 Ya Mar, SOAMelt
08/13/96  Noblesville, IN       LivePhish12
08/16/96  Clifford Ball         DSBD
08/17/96  Clifford Ball         DSBD
10/31/96  Atlanta, GA           LivePhish15
11/02/96  West Palm Beach, FL   SBD>PreFM>DAT     Partial
12/06/96  Las Vegas, NV         SBD>?>DAT
12/31/96  Boston, MA            SBD/AUD>FM>DAT


02/16/97  Colonge, Germany      DFM
02/20/97  Milan, Italy          DSBD /Sweet Adeline & Julius
02/27/97  Badeu-Badeu, Germany  SBD>FM>DAT
03/01/97  Hamburg, Germany      SBD>FM>DAT
                                SBD>Multitrack>DAT "Many cuts"
                                SBD>???>DAT        DO Bowie
03/18/97  Burlington, VT        SBD>FM>DAT
06/22/97  Lorely, Germany       SBD>FM>DAT
08/11/97  Noblesville, IN       SBD>?
11/17/97  Denver, CO            LivePhish11
11/19/97  Champaign, IL         SBD/Matrix>?>DAT
                                LivePhish11 Wolfman's>Makisupa
12/07/97  Dayton, OH  
12/11/97  Rochester, NY         SBD>Cass0>DAT


07/05/98  Prague, Czech Rep.    SBD>Cass0>DAT
07/08/98  Barcelona, Spain      SBD/Matrix>Cass0>DAT Soundcheck>Guyute/
07/15/98  Portland, OR          LivePhish17
07/24/98  Houston, TX           SBD>DAT>Cass?>DAT?
07/29/98  Maryland Heights, MO  LivePhish17 Gin Only
08/09/98  Virginia Beach, VA    SBD/Matrix>?>DAT Terrapin Station
08/14/98  Limestone, ME         SBD>FM>DAT
08/15/98  Limestone, ME         SBD>FM>DAT
08/16/98  Limestone, ME         SBD>FM>DAT
10/03/98  Tinley Park, IL       Satelitte TV>DAT
10/20/98  Sessions @ W54th      DSBD
10/30/98  Las Vegas, NV         LivePhish16 Antelope,Stash>Freebird
10/31/98  Las Vegas, NV         LivePhish16
11/27/98  Worcester, MA         LivePhish06        
12/29/98  New York, NY          SBD>DAT>Cass0>EQ>CDR>Cass1?>CD
                                (Japanese Bootleg - Pitch is off)
                                SBD>DAT>Cass0>DAT (Pitch is off)
                                SBD>DAT>Cass0>DAT>CD (Pitch Corrected)


07/10/99  Camden, NJ            LivePhish08
07/30/99  Naeba, Japan          SBD>Cass1>DAT Sets 2 & 3
                                Cass Cuts @ 60 min marks
07/30/99  Naeba, Japan          SatelliteTV>S-VHS0>DAT Chaulkdust
07/31/99  Naeba, Japan          SatelliteTV>S-VHS0>DAT GBOTT, LxL, Caspian
07/31/99  Naeba, Japan          PreSatelliteTV>VHS1>DAT Set 2 & Encore
08/01/99  Naeba, Japan          SatelliteTV>VHS0>Cass0>DAT Partial


05/15/00  Philadelphia, PA      SBD>preFMCD>DAT
05/18/00  Berkeley, CA          preFM DSBD>DAT>CD
06/14/00  Fukuoka, Japan        LivePhish04
07/08/00  East Troy, WI         LivePhish05
09/14/00  Darien Center, NY     LivePhish03
10/07/00  Mountain View, CA


>From here on out we are on time!

Thanks much to Eric Angel, Mike Batta, Trent Blomquist, Bob, John Bower, 
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